The Artist - Silu

The Artist - Silu

Caricature Artist Drawing at a Live Caricature Event | Silu Cartoon

I love live caricature as is the way of doing art more anywhere else rather than in a studio. Is the art that grows from my interaction with my model and expands my freedom. Begin a live caricature artist is like a musician on an endless tour who has to play different unknown songs for every concert. The live caricature is improvisation. Every musician knows that is a huge pressure before every event when you have to perform live, and doesn't matter how good you are, how much experience you have, because every time you want to give the best.

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So tough to embody in my drawings all the beauty that I see 

I'm a friendly guy with a very good sense of humour. Still, even if my art is made to entertain, I'm an artist, not a clown. My goal is to deliver joy through powerful, expressive portraits which transcend the black and white medium and the limitations of a simple line. My portraits capture various, beautiful, genuine expressions and are not limited to the very highly used "smile". Even if these portraits can look relatively simple, there is a very complex process of emotions and feelings that allow me to represent these kinds of drawings. Every drawing is a new adventure full of adrenaline in finding the balance, beauty and harmony.

I don't understand a line, I feel the line

I've graduated "Ion Mincu" University of Architecture and Urbanism and my background is in architecture and design, still, my art is based mostly on feelings, not so much on a technique. After 12 years of using CAD software for drawing (winner of the international contest "TurboCAD Creative Challenge" by TurboCAD, US - an industry-leading CAD software), where I was able to edit everything safely, I felt the need to come back to simplicity and the adrenaline that comes from using simple tools for art, like paper and markers. A few years ago (my first live event was @ Severndroog Castle with Eltham Arts - on September 18, 2016) inspired by London's multiculturality, I started to do live caricature portraits.

Silu Drawing Outdoor in Eltham

As an artist, I've been always in search of freer and more challenging ways for my artistic expression. Find my experiments with watercolour paintings here. My cartoons (editorial) were published in newspapers and magazines and have been selected to be part of diverse international exhibitions in Germany, Slovakia, Iran, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria and the UK. During the short time I participated in the contests, I was awarded an Honorable Mention at the International cartoon competition "Brain Sneezing", Slovakia. I was lucky enough to work with a classic animation studio for an animated series during my architectural studies, as well, where I was told my drawings are the best among the newcomers in quality and speed.

When I don't draw I enjoy playing bass @UpBandMusic and dancing, impro dancer based on tango, zouk and blues.

Silu - Self Portraits

The one who draws

I dedicate all my work and I am his biggest fan...

Silu. Me - around 10 years old

 Me - around 10 years old.

Silu about Art. There's no art witout freedom (of expression)


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