LIVE CARICATURE | You as a Cartoon

Live portraits for events | £60/hour
Minim 2 hours/event
Portraits from 6 minutes.
Size A4 and A3, one or maximum of three portraits on a sheet
Promotional Offer - 25% OFF |  Only £45/hour
*available for a limited time only*
Minim 3 hours/event, contact him for details
More about Silu on THE ARTIST page
Live caricature @ National Gallery, London

Live caricature @ Taste of India 2017

Photos by Eltham Arts and Miriam Storey

Live caricature @ Severndroog Castle 2017
Live caricature @ Eltham Park Festival 2017
Live caricature @ Passey Place, Eltham
Eltham Music Festival
Client: Royal Borough of Greenwich
Lines flowing through me | credit Eltham Arts

Live Caricature @ The Greenwich Centre - 2nd birthday
See the area here
"Your drawings were a big part of our celebration weekend
and staff and customers alike loved having you here."
Sub Baidya | Service Centre Manager
Live Caricature @ Salesforce Tower, London
See the area here
Thank you to The Flying Seagull Project
for inviting me to be part of their lovely crew at this event
and for their feedback: "The drawings are brilliant!"

Live Caricature @ Greenwich Market
Probably the only Caricature Artist doing Live Caricature at Greenwich Market, London
You can find me there, usually, Monday, Wednesday and Friday
*the schedule for drawing outdoor is subject to the weather conditions*
with a special offer of only £8/drawing.
Tips are welcome. Thank you for your support!

Live Caricature @ Capital Art Gallery Event
Thank you Gaynor @ Eltham Arts for photos!

Live Caricature @ Greenwich Cutty Sark Gardens

Thank you so much to the family who sent me this material
as support for my work!

See her HERE
"Me drawing" photo, credit: bandanasplus. Thank you!

The chance to be inspired by the river.

Live Caricature @ London Millennium Bridge
*near Globe Theatre, Bankside Gallery, Tate Modern*

Live Caricature @ The Greenwich Centre (38 drawings)
"I’d like to thank you for the 2 days you spent recently in the centre.
The public really enjoyed your art and it was fantastic to see
the pictures bringing joy to our customers."
Sub Baidya | Service Centre Manager

Drawings from Live Caricature @ Under 1 Roof (48 drawings)

More photos on Facebook - link link
Party atmosphere - VIDEO

See her HERE
See him HERE
Drawings from Live Caricature @ Private Party, Greenwich Tavern (17 drawings)
(Not the best photos in low light condition)

Live Caricature @ Eltham Library (24 drawings)
First drawing...
6 min/portrait | Live Caricature @ Southbank Centre - Royal Festival Hall, London (January 8)

Live Caricature @ Southbank Centre - Royal Festival Hall, London

Live Caricature @ Wetherspoon The Gate Clock pub, Greenwich
See him HERE
Live Caricature @ University of Greenwich
Drawings from @ Craciunul Copiilor - Wembley, London
You can see a short video with the party superb atmosphere here.

Live drawing @ Pottery on the Parade, Eltham

Having fun with lovely people @ GPO Eltham

Drawings from
Art and Craft Fair, Tudor Barn | Taste of India, New Eltham Library | Cutty Sark area, Greenwich

Live drawing @ Autumn Fayre, Severndroog Castle

Live drawing @ Cafe SE9, Eltham

Live drawing @ Taste of India, New Eltham Library

Live drawing @ Art and Craft Fair, Tudor Barn

Live drawing @ Festival Opening Event - Eltham Arts Winter Festival 2016

Thank you all for supporting my work by agreeing to have a photo in my gallery!

Next Events 2018:


* Live Caricature @ Woodlands Farm (bottom of Shooters Hill) on Sun 1 July
* Live Caricature @ Sat 21st July Songs Across a Wall in Passey Place
* Live Caricature Eltham Park South Festival
Sunday, 29th July
* Live Caricature @ Autumn Fayre, Severndroog Castle
Sun 23th September, Eltham, London

✔ Past Events 2018:

Live Caricature @ Private Party, Trapeze Bar Shoreditch,
26th January, from 6pm 
Live Caricature @ Plumstead Community Market
Saturday 16th December at 11 AM - 3 PM,
St Mark’s Hall, Old Mill Road, Plumstead, London, SE18 1QE

✔ Past Events 2017:

*Live Caricature @ Craciunul Copiilor by Petreceri Animate
Sunday, 17th December at 4 PM - 7 PM,
Sudbury Primary School Wembley, London
 Live Caricature @ artFix Cafe
Thursday, November 30 at 11 AM - 3 PM,
Woolwich, London
 Live Caricature @ Autumn Fayre, Severndroog Castle
Sun 17th September 11am - 4pm, Eltham, London
 The Taste of India event New Eltham Library
30th Sept from 12-4pm
 Live Caricature Eltham Park South Festival
Sunday, 30th July
 Live Caricature Passey Place, Eltham | Royal Greenwich Music Festival
1, 8, 15th July, Saturdays
 Live Caricature @ The Greenwich Centre
The Greenwich Centre will be celebrating its 2nd birthday
Saturday, June 24th from 11.00am till 5.00pm

 Live Caricature @ Vip Party, Sudbury Primary School, Wembley
Sunday, June 4 at 3 PM - 6 PM
 Live Caricature @ Smiles & Crocodiles Children's Parties
Friday, June 2, 10:30 - 3:30pm
 Live Caricature @ The Greenwich Centre Library
Thursday 13th April, 11 - 5 PM
 Live Caricature @ Capital Art Gallery
8th - 9th APRIL 2017, 10 - 4 pm
 Live Caricature @ The Greenwich Centre
Friday 31st March, 11 - 5 PM
 Live Caricature @ Under 1 Roof
25th and 26th February, 10 - 4 PM
 Live Caricature @ Private Party, Greenwich Tavern
Saturday, 18th Feb
✔ Live Caricature @ Eltham Library
Saturday, 4 February, 11-17 AM
✔ Live Caricature (6min/portrait) @ Southbank Centre, Royal Festival Hall
Wednesday, January 11, from 6:00 PM
 ✔ Live Caricature (15min/portrait) @ Southbank Centre,
Royal Festival Hall, Sunday, January 8, from 11:45 AM
✔ Live Caricature (7min/portrait) @ Southbank Centre, Royal Festival Hall
Saturday, January 7, from 2:00 PM
✔ Past Events 2016:
✔ Craciunul Copiilor by Petreceri Animate @ Sudbury Primary School
Sun 18th December at 4 pm - Wembley, London
✔ Live Caricature @ Eltham Arcade, Cafe SE9
Sat 19th Nov at 12pm - 14pm - Eltham, London
✔ Art and Craft Fair - Eltham Arts Winter Festival 2016 by ElthamArts @ Tudor Barn
Sun 6th November, 10am-6pm - Eltham, London
✔ Taste of India - Eltham Arts Winter Festival 2016 by ElthamArts @ New Eltham Library
Sa 5th November, 1:30am-4:30 pm - New Eltham, London
✔ Festival Opening Event - Eltham Arts Winter Festival 2016 by ElthamArts @ Passey Place
Sat 29th October, 11am-3pm - Eltham, London
✔ Autumn Fayre with ElthamArts @ Severndroog Castle
Sun 18th September, 11am-4pm - Eltham, London


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