Live Caricature for Your Event
Add a live art experience to your event which you and your guests will remember.

When you book please keep in mind live caricature is a performance, so, there is no need for everybody to be drawn. Usually, not all the guest want a drawing. Some of your guests will enjoy watching. Two hours minimum per event is recommended. A Live caricature is a natural process and the maximum speed is acquired after the first few drawings. Depending on the complexity, the quickest drawings takes less than 3 minutes. Travel charges may apply for outside London events.

Limited Time Offer - 25% OFF

1 hour - £120
2 hours - £220
3 hours - £300
4 hours - £360
5 hours - £400
6 hours - £420

You can book me, as well, on POPTOP UK Event Booking

Booking procedure

Full payment is preferred if possible or if the date of your event is close to the booking date, for example, 1 month - 2 weeks beforehand. In this case, everything is set and there is nothing else you have to do. As well, less paperwork means more time for art. Otherwise, a deposit of £50 must be paid to ensure the booking at the price specified above. Full amount has to be paid no later than 3 days before the event date. If you require further flexibility or wish to discuss details, please get in touch.

Details that Make the Difference
What to check when you choose a live caricaturist for your event

*Choose for your guests to feel flattered (not offended)!
Unlike classical caricature, my portraits reveal a pleasant appearance, not the ugliness and grotesque. The constant feedback I receive is: "I'm more beautiful in your drawing than in reality."

*All drawings are unique and unrepeatable.
Your guest will receive original artworks signed by the author, NOT prints. The joy and spectacle in art and in live caricature come from simplicity, from having spectacular results using simple tools. Also from taking risks, permanent markers can't be edited or undone like the digital caricature.

*Quality of the line
Made with permanent markers (deep black), the artworks are defined by a clear, powerful line which generates a high black & white contrast. Unlike the drawings done in pencils or other media, are resistant (doesn't blend) and have a clean, professional look with no under layers.

*Motivation / Why I draw
Through my art, I try to reveal human beauty in a playful way. My drawings generate moments of joy and incorporate the emotion and energy of the moment. As part of your event, you sustain my artistic journey to continue. I'm also happy to support charities and fundraising events when I have the chance.
Find more about my artistic philosophy on THE ARTIST page.

Event details

Individual portraits on A4 size (200gsm paper) is the best choice for the clarity of details and speed. The portraits, ready to be framed, are delivered to your guests protected in premium transparent folders. Multiple portraits one the same sheet can be drawn, as well, but can take longer, so single drawings are preferable. The average is 10 drawings/hour. The number of drawings per hour is related to the size of the gaps between drawings the complexity of the models. I'm very popular at the events where I'm invited and usually, there are no gaps, as people wait sometimes in a queue for a drawing. For every 2 hours, I may need a short, roughly 10 min break. This is to be certain I keep the quality of the line high and I deliver only the best quality drawings. I always arrive at least 30 minutes / 1-hour earlier, to discuss every detail, to be sure we can set the event how is convenient for you and be in the best shape when the event starts. My focus is on drawing as many people as possible and making happy your guests.

Live caricature is best with...
1. Decent lighting (indoors) 2. Two chairs normal size 3. A small table is helpful for my tools and to present some drawings for your guests to know what to expect. 4. Shaded area (outdoor), if possible. Sunlight can be very powerful and its reflection on paper makes the drawing process more challenging.

Working from a stationary position or mix and mingle with your guests?
I enjoy both. The speed while working from a stationary position can be higher.

Working with children
I think there are no better models for cartoons than kids. I have developed a poignant way of drawing children and have received wonderful feedback. For more on this, please check my gallery and the certified review on Poptop UK Event Booking by Andrew Shires @ Polka Theatre - children’s theatre in Wimbledon. I know I'm doing something special when they don't leave without telling me: "I want to draw like you!".

If you think you'll be too busy during your event to attend the live session and you book live caricature for your guests only, you can choose to have your caricature done (bride and groom) full colour from photos and framed, prior to or after your event  Please let me know if you need this service to be included in your quote.

Your logo & branding
I'll be happy to add stickers (preferable - you can choose the quality of printing etc.) provided by you at the bottom of every front page or, alternatively, you can have your logo printed, black & white, for free.

Public Liability Insurance

Why I prefer paper and markers versus digital caricature
I used graphics software and computers to draw for 12 years and I can say there's nothing more expressive and spectacular for making art and especially live caricature than simple tools like markers and paper. The accuracy of how emotions are transposed in lines and the expressivity of a drawing is incomparable higher comparing with any digital tools of the moment.
The drawing speed is higher, as well, that means more drawings for you.

I will need from you
1. Your full name and address (not venue address) for the invoice.
2. The time and time frame when you want to have live caricature at your event.
The time frame is flexible if you change your mind.
3. The event venue address.

Payment details
Payment should be made by bank transfer to the following account:
Account Name: Vasile Pascuta
Bank: Barclays
Sort Code: 209467
Account Number: 63541398
Please notify the payment.

Previous clients who booked live caricature include:


Looking forward to your event,

Drawings and feedback from events

Drawing people on London streets

A project of spontaneous art for people of London
These drawings are usually done outdoors in difficult conditions in minutes. There are no chairs, easel or other preparations. The energy generated by the interaction with my models goes into my lines and compositions. I like challenges and it's challenging for me to draw people on a not very friendly weather, low light, sometimes in the night time, in front of a restaurant on the stairs, in the bus station. It's also about pushing my limits, a symbolic way of overcoming obstacles through art.
Thank you all who enjoy and support the spontaneous part of art!

Live caricature @ National Gallery, London

photo right: drawing @blondetulip, see her portrait here

Live caricature @ Taste of India, Severndroog Castle
Eltham Park Festival - 2017

Photos by Eltham Arts and Miriam Storey

Live Caricature @ Greenwich Market - 2018

Live Caricature @ The Greenwich Centre (38 drawings)

"I’d like to thank you for the 2 days you spent recently in the centre.
The public really enjoyed your art and it was fantastic to see
the pictures bringing joy to our customers."
Sub Baidya | Service Centre Manager

Live Caricature @ Eltham Library (24 drawings)

First drawing...

Drawings from Live Caricature @ Under 1 Roof (48 drawings)

See her HERE

See him HERE

Live Caricature @ Greenwich Cutty Sark Gardens

See her HERE

"Me drawing" photo, credit: bandanasplus

Live Caricature @ Southbank Centre - Royal Festival Hall, London

Drawings from
Art and Craft Fair, Tudor Barn | Taste of India, New Eltham Library | Cutty Sark area, Greenwich

Live drawing @ Autumn Fayre, Severndroog Castle

Thank you all for supporting my work by agreeing to have a photo in my gallery!


Next live caricature events

2019 04 09 APRIL
Wedding - Tahmina, LONDON
The City Pavilion, Romford, 2 PM - 5 PM | 3 HOURS

2019 04 13 APRIL
Birthday Party - Amanda, CAMBERLEY
Camberley football club, 8 PM - 11 PM | 3 HOURS

2019 04 26 APRIL
Charity Community Event, LONDON
Gala Dinner at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel, Kensington
6.30 PM - 7.15 PM / 22.15 PM - 23.30 PM | 2 HOURS

2019 08 16 AUGUST
Wedding - Guy&Caroline, GREENWICH, LONDON
The Trafalgar Tavern, 7 PM - 10 PM | 3 HOURS

2019 09 28 SEPTEMBER
Wedding Reception - Kids, HAVANT
Tournerbury Woods Estate, 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM | 2 HOURS

2020 08 07 AUGUST
Wedding - Jade, Bexhill-On-Sea
Cooden Beach Hotel, 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM | 2 HOURS

Past recent live caricature events

2018 11 29 NOVEMBER
Christmas party, LONDON
Studio DDC, 8.30 - 10.30 PM | 2 HOURS

2018 12 08 DECEMBER
Fundraising Event - Charity VIP Party, LONDON
Polka Theatre, 5 PM - 7 PM | 2 HOURS

2018 12 14 DECEMBER
Private Party, LONDON
Cirque le Soir, 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM | 3 HOURS

2018 12 16 DECEMBER
Craciunul Copiilor by Petreceri Animate, WEMBLEY, LONDON
Sudbury Primary School 3 PM - 7 PM | 4 HOURS

2019 01 26 JANUARY
Birthday Party - Simon, ESSEX

Hotel Orsett Hall, 20.30 PM - 22.30 PM | 2 HOURS



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