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Every Drawing is an Adventure

...full of adrenaline, in finding the balance, beauty and harmony

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Did you find my website? That's great because I don't spend on ads. I promote my work a lot in this period of time and instead of paying for advertising I choose to offer massive discounts to my clients.
I believe there is no better way to advertise my work than adding the best art experience to your event. For a limited time, you can have for your event top drawings at an affordable price. Don't lose this opportunity! Check reviews below and book with confidence.

Live Caricature for Events, London | Caricature Artist, Party Caricaturist, Weeding Caricaturist, Corporate Caricaturist, Cartoonist.

Add a live art experience to your event which you and your guests will remember! Caricaturist for Corporate Events, Weddings, Private Parties, Trade Shows, Conferences, Fundraising Events, in London and around. Your guests will receive their caricature portrait during the event, to take it home as a souvenir.

1. Live Caricature @ Private Christmas Party 2019, Gokyuzu Restaurant, London    2. Live Caricature @ Safe Child Thailand Gala Dinner 2019, Millennium Gloucester Hotel, Kensington, London | Certified Review of Chandni    3. Live Caricature @ Elysium Health Care Christmas Party 2019, London

I Enjoy Diversity

For this reason, drawing portraits is such a joyful experience! It makes me aware of beauty in the world and I choose to reveal it my way. Diversity is beautiful. Diversity is about how nature expresses its freedom. Be aware - these are not simple caricatures. My drawings contain emotions. Learn more about my artistic philosophy on The Artist and Live Caricature (Why My Portraits Stand Out / Motivation) pages.

Silu Cartoon won Poptop’s Best of 2019

After a relatively short appearance, Silu Cartoon won "Poptop’s Best of 2019". As well, Silu Cartoon has been listed #1/#2 caricature artist for London on Poptop UK Event Booking, as a result of successful events and positive reviews. I'm proud to have my art listed on poptop, a platform who understand to respect artists, their identity and work!

I'm very proud to get the highest rating from my clients. My style of drawing makes me very popular and attractive at the events where I'm invited as I always have people waiting for a drawing. I'm pleased and humbled to find out my art brings moments of joy and positive energy in people life.

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Live Caricature for Your Event
*Probably the Cutest Portraits in London*

Find full booking details on the Live Caricature page.

When you book please keep in mind live caricature is a performance, so, there is no need for everybody to be drawn. Usually, not all the guest want a drawing. Some of your guests will enjoy watching.

How quick and for how long
The live caricature is a natural process and the maximum speed is acquired after the first few drawings. A minimum of two hours per event is recommended. Depending on the complexity, the quickest drawings can take less than 3! minutes (kids). The average is 10 drawings/hour.


2 hours - £240
3 hours - £320
4 hours - £380
5 hours - £420
6 hours - £440

* 40% OFF - Special Offer *
First two hours, every extra hour, only £70 per hour. Travel expenses can be added for outside London events.

Choose for your guests to feel flattered (not offended)
Unlike classical caricature, my portraits reveal a pleasant appearance, not the ugliness and grotesque. The constant feedback I receive is: "I'm more beautiful in your drawing than in reality."


Previous Clients
Who Booked Live Caricature Include:
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Thank you all for supporting my artistic journey!

Silu Cartoon on The Greenwich Visitor

"Recognise any of this lot? Eltham Library is hosting a display of cartoons and caricatures by local Eltham artist Silu, who is originally from Romania. Silu (pictured below, with Miriam Storey of Eltham Library), does caricatures - like this one of our Eltham Arts committee - for events, so ask him to come along. It's unique. He'll even do a caricature of your pet if you send him a photo!"

Mini Cartoon Exhibition
Displayed at Eltham Library and New Eltham Library by Eltham Arts.

See drawings on Facebook, here.

Recent Past Events
A few events listed as an example

Live Caricature @ Birthday Party, Rickmansworth
Moor Park Golf Club - 2 Hours Event | 15 Feb 2020

"Hi Silu, thank you for your services. Everyone really enjoyed the drawings :)" - Neelam by WhatsApp

Live Caricature @ Christmas Party, London
The Royal British Legion - 3 Hours event | 13 Dec 2019
Client: Elysium Health Care

"Thank you so much for Friday, all the staff loved it and are very happy with their portraits!" - Jake and Sophie by email

Live Caricature @ Christmas Party, Oxford
Town Hall - 3 Hours event | 06 Dec 2019
Client: Taylor & Francis Group


Live Caricature @ The Romanian Christmas Ball 2019, London
Marriott Hotel Regents Park - 5 Hours event | 23 Nov 2019
Photos from the event here.
Client: Romanian Medical Society UKRomanians in the UK


Live Caricature @ Mixed Drawings from 3 Weddings
The Tournerbury Woods Estate, Hayling Island - 2 Hours Event, 28 Sep 2019 | The Islington Metal Works Wedding Venue, London - 2 Hours Event, 05 Oct 2019 | 1901 Ballroom Andaz, London - 2 Hours Event, 12 Oct 2019


Live Caricature @ Wedding, London
The Trafalgar Tavern Greenwich - 3 Hours event |16 Aug 2019


Live Caricature @ Wedding, London
St Andrew’s Undershaft Church - 2 Hours events | 27 July 2019

Amazing architecture contrast in London. Did you spot the church?

Live Caricature @ Mozilla - Friends & Family Day, London
Crowne Plaza London Kensington hotel - 5 Hours event | 20 July 2019
Client: Mozilla

"Silu was at our event for 5 hours and he had not stopped from the time he started his first drawing. All our guests really enjoyed it and LOVED the drawings! I would highly recommend Silu to everyone. Thanks!" Certified Review by Mandy on POPTOP UK Event Booking

Live Caricature @ Birthday Party & Celebration, London
Bluebird and Dynasty restaurants - 2 Hours events | 13 and 14 July 2019


Live Caricature @ Birthday Party, London
Private Venue, Romford - 2 Hours, 6 July 2019

"Thank you, Silu! It was a great party, everybody loved your art!" Ant by email.

Live Caricature @ Wedding, Folkestone
The Grand, The Leas - 4 Hours, 23 June 2019

"Thank you for being part of our day yesterday!" Tasnima by SMS.

Live Caricature @ Fundraising Event, Aldershot
Westgate Retail and Leisure Park - 4 Hours - 22 June 2019
Client: Carousel - award-winning consumer PR and digital agency


Live Caricature @ Private PartyStanford le Hope
Garden party following a recent wedding - 3 Hours, 15 June 2019

Check the Certified Review by Sarah on POPTOP UK Event Booking

Live Caricature @ Wedding, London
Trinity Buoy Wharf - 2 Hours, 8 June 2019 - more photos soon

"A big thanks to you for your hard work and great caricatures. The day was a tremendous success. Everyone had a great time. Thanks for playing a part in it. Thanks." Thanh & Alistair by email.

Live Caricature @ Celebration Party, London
Imperial Wharf the Boulevard - 4 Hours, 2 June 2019

Check the Certified Review by Maryann Mcmahon on POPTOP UK Event Booking

Live Caricature @ Holy Communion Party, London
Sacred Heart of Jesus and St John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church - 3 Hours, 1 June 2019

Check the Certified Review by Alvin Tellis on POPTOP UK Event Booking

Live Caricature @ Birthday Party, Camberley
Camberley football Club - 3 Hours, 13 Apr 2019

Check the Certified Review by Amanda Humphreys on POPTOP UK Event Booking

Live Caricature @ Wedding, London
The City Pavilion - 36 drawings, the quickest drawings in less than 3 minutes - 3 Hours, 9 Apr 2019

"I want to thank you for your amazing work. All our wedding guests loved your caricatures and are still talking about them. You really made the wedding day very special. [...] Once again thank you for your time and all your hard work." Tahmina Shah, by email.

Live Caricature @ Birthday Party, London
Orsett Hall Hotel, Restaurant & Spa - 2 Hours, 26 Jan 2019

Check the Certified Review by Simon Howarth on POPTOP UK Event Booking

Live Caricature @ Capital Art Gallery event

credit Eltham Arts

Live Caricature @ National Gallery, London - 2018

When you doing art, you open your senses and you become very sensitive and vulnerable to any external factors. For this reason, doing your art in a studio is good as you are protected and you can focus all your energy in the right direction. Drawing exposed in a crowded public place means ignoring: the wind, the sun, the cold, the noise, your insecurities (you have no idea what's happening around, you can only see your model and your paper sometimes for hours when you are very busy) and doing it anyway. I look back pleased and humbled for assuming this exercise for a while, of going thru things who had the potential to make you feel uncomfortable during the artistic process.

photo right: drawing @blondetulip, see her portrait here


Live Caricature @ Cutty Sark Gardens, Greenwich 2017
Thank you to the family who sent me this material!


More Drawings and Reviews on the Live Caricature page

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Evolution occurs through the free expression of ideas not by their oppression >>>.
"Every art has one single goal: freedom." Sergiu Celibidache

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