Every drawing is an adventure...

Live Caricature @ Capital Art Gallery event, credit Eltham Arts

...full of adrenaline, in finding the balance, the beauty and the harmony.

I enjoy diversity

For this reason, drawing portraits is such a joyful experience! It makes me aware of beauty in the world and I choose to reveal it my way. Diversity is beautiful. Diversity is about how nature expresses its freedom. Be aware - these are not simple caricatures.
My drawings contain emotions.

Live Caricature @ National Gallery, London

Drawings from other events

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Live Caricature for Your Event
Add a live art experience to your event which you and your guests will remember.
When you book please keep in mind live caricature is a performance, so, there is no need for everybody to be drawn. Some of your guests will be happy only to watch.

 1 hour - £120
2 hours - £220
3 hours - £300
4 hours - £360
5 hours - £400
6 hours - £420

Choose your guests to be flattered (not offended)!
This is not classical caricature. My portraits reveal a pleasant appearance, not the ugliness and grotesque. The constant feedback I receive is:
"I'm more beautiful in your drawing than in reality."
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Full details on Live Caricature page.
You can book me, as well, on POPTOP UK Event Booking

My next live events

2019 4 9 Apr * Live Caricature @ Wedding - Tahmina, London
The City Pavilion, Romford, 2 PM - 5 PM | 3 HOURS

2019 4 13 Apr * Live Caricature @ Birthday Party - Amanda, Camberley
Camberley football club, 8 PM - 11 PM | 3 HOURS

2019 4 26 Apr * Live Caricature @ Charity Community Event, London
Gala Dinner at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel, Kensington
6.30 PM - 7.15 PM / 22.15 PM - 23.30 PM | 2 HOURS

2019 9 28 Sep * Live Caricature @ Wedding Reception - Kids, Havant
Tournerbury Woods Estate, 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM | 2 HOURS

2020 8 7 Aug * Live Caricature @ Wedding - Jade, Bexhill-On-Sea
Cooden Beach Hotel, 3.30 PM - 5.30 PM | 2 HOURS

Past recent events

2018 Nov 29 * Live Caricature @ Studio DDC, London

Christmas party8.30 - 10.30 PM | 2 HOURS

2018 Dec 8 * Live Caricature @ Polka Theatre, London
Fundraising event - Charity VIP Party5 - 7 PM | 2 HOURS

2018 Dec 14 * Live Caricature @ Cirque le Soir, London
6.30 - 9.30 PM | 3 HOURS

2018 Dec 16 * Live Caricature @ Sudbury Primary School, London
Craciunul Copiilor by Petreceri Animate, Wembley, London
3 - 7 PM | 4 HOURS

2019 Jan 26 * Live Caricature @ Birthday Party - Simon, Essex
Hotel Orsett Hall, 20.30 - 22.30 PM | 2 HOURS

Clients and feedback
See also my Certified reviews on POPTOP UK Event Booking
Simon Howarth - Private Party | Andrew Shires - Polka Theatre, London

Royal Borough of Greenwich
Hired me to do Live Caricature @ Eltham Music Festival

Under 1 Roof (48 drawings)
"Thank you so much for coming. Everyone LOVED your pictures!"
"Look at the fabulous caricatures that were done at our birthday weekend by the brilliant Silu Cartoon!"

More photos on Facebook - here & here Party atmosphere - VIDEO

The Greenwich Centre - 2nd birthday | Better
"Your drawings were a big part of our celebration weekend and staff and customers alike loved having you here." Sub Baidya | Service Centre Manager

The Flying Seagull Project for Salesforce Tower
Thank you to The Flying Seagull Project for inviting me to be part of their lovely crew at this event and for their feedback:
"The drawings are brilliant!"

The Greenwich Centre - 2 caricature days | Better (38 drawings)
"I’d like to thank you for the 2 days you spent recently in the centre. The public really enjoyed your art and it was fantastic to see the pictures bringing joy to our customers." Sub Baidya | Service Centre Manager

Private Party @ Greenwich Tavern (17 drawings)
Client feedback on social media: "Thank you, great drawings and you're a lovely guy."

Eltham Library | Better (24 drawings)
"Thank you for spending the day with us at Eltham Library, amazing portraits and very happy customers!" Miriam Storey | Deputy Manager

Live Caricature - Demo Video

Thank you to the family who sent me this material! Great team @ Cutty Sark Gardens, Greenwich.

Review of Silu Cartoon on The Greenwich Visitor

"Recognise any of this lot? Eltham Library is hosting a display of cartoons and caricatures by local Eltham artist Silu, who is originally from Romania. Silu (pictured below, with Miriam Storey of Eltham Library), does caricatures - like this one of our Eltham Arts committee - for events, so ask him to come along. It's unique. He'll even do a caricature of your pet if you send him a photo!"

Mini Cartoon Exhibition
Displayed at Eltham Library and New Eltham Library.
Exhibition by Eltham Arts. See drawings on Facebook, here.

in photos from Live Caricature events:

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@SiluDesign | Twitter

Thank you!


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