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Why I draw

Through my art, I try to reveal human beauty in a playful way. My drawings incorporate the emotion and energy of the moment and are very popular at the events where I'm invited. I'm pleased and humbled to find out my art brings moments of joy in people's life. By booking me, you support my artistic journey and I'm very grateful for that.

All Drawings are Unique and Unrepeatable

Your guests will receive free original artworks signed by the author, not prints. The joy and spectacle in art and in live caricature come from simplicity, from having spectacular results using simple tools. Also, from taking risks, markers can't be edited or undone like the digital caricature.

A couple being drawn by Silu Cartoon @ The Romanian Christmas Ball 2019, London Marriott Hotel Regents Park
The Romanian Christmas Ball 2019, London Marriott Hotel Regents Park

Event Details

How quick and for how long

The live caricature is a natural process and the maximum speed is acquired after the first few drawings. Depending on the complexity, the average is around 8 single caricatures per hour. The fastest drawing may take less than 3 minutes, still, as this is an artistic process, the figures are indicative, so, I can't guarantee an exact number of drawings. Please learn why below.

The number of drawings per hour is related to:

* The complexity of the models and how many details (glasses, earrings, beards etc.) I need to add to a drawing.
* The size of the gaps between drawings. Usually, I'm very busy so the gaps are minimal, as well, every time I finish a drawing, I ask my model to invite somebody else for a portrait.
* The first two minutes are more important for the drawing process. It is perfectly fine to draw people who talk and have fun, but if for any reason I can't see my model's face (let's say you talk with somebody from behind you), this can increase the drawing time considerably.

For a successful live caricature event, it is necessary to have:

1. Indoor - Decent lighting in the drawing area, a place close to a window or a source of light is best. Outdoor - Shaded area, sunlight can be very powerful and its reflection on paper can make the drawing process very challenging or impossible. It is good to remember there can be a few other factors that can interfere with the drawing process like cold, wind and humidity, which can affect my speed.
2. Two chairs of normal size (three if I have to draw couples).
3. A small table for my tools and to present some drawings for your guests to know what to expect. If there is no table, a chair can be helpful to keep my tools on it. It can decrease my speed if I need to keep things on the floor.

I arrive earlier

I arrive always 30 minutes / 1 hour earlier to discuss every detail and to be sure we can set up the event the best way.

Why I need to arrive earlier:
* If necessary, I can help with choosing the best place for the live caricature
* I expose some drawings, usually over the table, for your guests to know what to expect
* Changing clothes, washing hands after travelling etc.
* It is also desirable to have a short break before starting the event in the best conditions

Your logo & branding

I'm happy to add stickers with your logo or other symbols, provided by you, at the bottom of every front page.

Live Caricature | Girl caricature portrait with a Logo


If you think you'll be too busy during your event to attend the live session (bride and groom) and you book live caricature for your guests only, you can choose to have your caricature done prior to your event from photos. The drawing will be delivered on my arrival, before the live event. Please let me know if you need this service to be included in your quote.

Live Caricature @ The Trafalgar Tavern Greenwich Weeding
Silu Cartoon @ The Trafalgar Tavern Greenwich

Kids Parties / Drawing the Innocence

Happy litte girl caricature
Kids are amazing models for cartoons. They understand and take my work very seriously. I have developed a poignant way of drawing children and have received wonderful feedback. I know I'm doing something special when they don't leave without telling me: "I want to draw like you!".
Children must be supervised at all times during the drawing process. My work requires a high level of concentration and I can't always be aware of what's going on around me.

Live Caricature @ Cutty Sark Gardens, Greenwich.
Thank you to the family who sent me this material!

Why I draw from sitting at live events

My aim is to deliver the best portraits and live art experience to your guests. The best and most effective way of doing live caricature, the quality of drawings and speed, is from sitting - my conclusion after a few hundreds of live successful events - so I don't draw standing at live events. Still, I'm happy to move with my drawing board to different areas of the venue if necessary.

As my drawings are pretty popular and I'm quite busy, most of the time walking around is not necessary, moreover, it is a waste of precious time. Also, I do not bother people during their meals. Keep in mind some people may not be comfortable being drawn and the result is not a good energy for anyone.

My goal is to make your guests happy by doing as many drawings as possible, so, 2 chairs is a minimum request (3, if I need to draw couples) for a good successful live caricature event with lots of happy guests.

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