30% OFF | 2~6 Minutes per Drawing

Caricature Artist for Events London

2~6 minutes per drawing

Silu Cartoon - Live Caricature, London - 30% OFF

Every Drawing is an Adventure
 ...full of adrenaline in finding balance, beauty, and harmony

Add a live art experience to your event/function that you and your guests will remember! Your guests will receive their funny caricature portraits for free to take home as a souvenir.

"Life’s meaning is lost without a spirit of play. In play, all that is lovely and soaring in the human spirit strives to find expression." Eileen Agar

check availability for last-minute bookings ~

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Silu drawing during an live event event
Pub Launch Night @ The Anchor, Bedford - Nov 2023

Inspired by London's Multiculturalism

Silu is a British artist of EU origin with a background in architecture and design. More than ten years ago he discovered the diversity of London and a few years later he started doing caricature portraits. Due to the popularity of his work, live caricature for events, he soon became a full-time caricature artist. Find out more on The Artist. Silu page.

Set of 4 B&W Caricatures and photos from Live Events 1

Set of 4 B&W Caricatures and photos from Live Events 2

Set of 4 B&W Caricatures and photos from Live Events 3

Set of 4 B&W Caricatures and photos from Live Events 4

Kids Caricature

Set of 10 B&W Kids Caricature Portraits 1
Set of 10 B&W Kids Caricature Portraits 2
Set of 10 B&W Kids Caricature Portraits 3
Little Girl Laughing, Caricature Portrait
Birthday Party @ Orsett Hall Hotel, Grays - Jan 2019

Top Caricaturist London

"Congratulations! You’re officially one of Poptop’s best🎉 You did it. You’re officially a Poptop Super Supplier. Amazing job!" Poptop - Nov 30, 2023

Poptop Super Supplier Badge

"Super Suppliers embody the very best of the UK events industry. When a client sees this badge, they know they can trust you to deliver - from the moment they click ‘book’, right through to the main event."

 Silu Cartoon has won the Super Supplier status every time it has been awarded.

Caricaturist for Hire - Live Caricature

Through my art, I playfully reveal human beauty. My party caricatures done with permanent markers are defined by a strong clear line and have a clean, professional look, embody the emotion and energy of the moment, and are very popular at events I'm invited to.

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When you book please keep in mind that live caricature is a performance, so, there is no need for everybody to be drawn. Usually, not all the guests want a drawing. Some of your guests will enjoy watching.

Choose for your guests to feel flattered (not offended)!
Unlike classic caricatures, the funny, humorous faces I draw reveal a pleasant appearance, not ugliness and grotesqueness. The constant feedback I receive is: "I'm more beautiful in your drawing than in reality."

Offer - 30% OFF original prices
~ for a limited number of bookings for 2024 ~

Weekdays / Weekends
Mo-Tu-We-Th / Fr-Sa-Su

   2 hours - £240 / £300
2.5 hours - £288 / £360
   3 hours - £336 / £420
3.5 hours - £376 / £470
   4 hours - £416 / £520
4.5 hours - £448 / £560
   5 hours - £480 / £600

Travel Expenses - for journeys exceeding 10 miles around central London, £1 per mile will be added for every supplementary mile, two ways.

For last-minute bookings check my availability below

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Silu Cartoon @ TikTok Agency Summer Party
TikTok Agency Summer Party @ Between the Bridges, London - Sep 2023

Booking Procedure

A 20% deposit (or the full amount) must be paid to secure the booking at a specified date and at the price listed above. The live caricature event is subject to full payment in advance no later than 24 hours before the start of the event. No more than one booking per day is accepted and great care is taken in preparing it.

This can occur very rarely but it is good to know:
* In case of cancelation by you - every payment apart from the deposit will be returned.
* In the event of cancellation by us - the whole amount paid, including the deposit, will be returned.
* If the full payment is not made in advance, under the conditions mentioned above, the live caricature event is considered canceled - any payment, other than the deposit, will be returned.

Feel free to send me an offer specific to your event

Have a party in a pub or a park with some friends etc? As a professional artist, I'm interested in performing my art as much as possible for people who appreciate my work and I'm happy to consider it based on my availability.

The queen (impersonated) whatching my drawings
The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Party @ Morton Arms, Acton - Jun 2022


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The Caricature Portraits

Standard -  A4&A3
Guests can choose from single portraits in A4 size (280 gsm cards, 200 gsm if had to be printed), delivered in clear protective sleeves, and double or multiple portraits in A3 size (250 gsm cards) delivered rolled and secured with rubber bands. The average is 10 - A4 size portraits per hour.

A live caricature portrait and a photo with a smiling female
Single caricature portrait A4 size

A live caricature portrait and a photo with a man with glasses
Single caricature portrait A4 size

Double live caricature portrait and a photo with a couple
Double caricature portrait A3 size

Double caricature portrait and a photo with a young couple
Double caricature portrait A3 size

Double caricature portrait and a photo of the bride and a friend
Double caricature portrait A3 size

Option -  A5&A4
Must be requested prior to the booking

A5 size caricature portrait - girl          A5 size caricature portrait - men

Single portraits in A5 size (280 gsm cards) and double portraits in A4 size (280 gsm paper), delivered in transparent sleeves, are available also. A5-size caricatures can be easier to carry and slightly faster to draw.

Check out the full details on the Live Caricature for Events page

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Thank you all for supporting my artistic journey!

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