So tough to embody in my drawings
all the beauty that I see.

I'm a pleasant guy with a very good sense of humour.
Still, my goal is to do powerful, expressive portraits which transcend the black and white medium and the limitations of a simple line. I'm an artist, who delivers joy through my art, not a clown. Many details, like the way how I dress, to can move my body freely, and others, are very important and it helps me to achieve a good focus and that state which allows me to do powerful and expressive drawings, and are part of my personality, as well.
Drawing the innocence

My portraits capture various, beautiful, genuine expressions and are not limited to the very highly used "smile". Even if these portraits can look relatively simple, there it's a very complex process of emotions and feelings that allow me to represent this kind of drawings.
Every drawing is a new adventure full of adrenaline in finding the balance, the beauty and the harmony.
There's no any difference between my art and my personality.
Happy team @ Eltham Music Festival | Client: Royal Borough of Greenwich
As part of your party,
I'll be there to deliver the most powerful art experience full of joy.
As my art is based mostly on my feelings (I don't understand a line, I feel the line), not so much on a technique, I don't think my education has a big influence on my artistic expression.
I've graduated "Ion Mincu" University of Architecture and Urbanism and I worked as a designer and a cartoonist.
As a cartoonist, I worked with newspapers and magazines and I have been selected to be part of diverse international exhibitions, Germany, Slovakia, Iran, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria and the UK.


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