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I enjoy diversity.
For this reason, drawing portraits it is such a joyful experience.
It makes me aware of the beauty of the world which I chose to reveal it my way. Diversity is beautiful. Diversity is about how nature expresses its freedom. Be aware! These are not simple caricatures. My drawings can contain emotions like joy and the sense of freedom!

Next Live Event:
Live Caricature @Private Party, Greenwich
Saturday, 18th Feb
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Review on Greenwich Visitor, February 2017
"Recognise any of this lot?
Eltham Library is hosting a display of cartoons and caricatures by local Eltham artist Silu, who is originally from Romania.
Silu (pictured below, with Miriam Storey of Eltham Library), does caricatures - like this one of our Eltham Arts committee - for events, so ask him to come along.
It's unique.
He'll even do a caricature of your pet if you send him a photo!"

Check my mini cartoon exhibition at Eltham Library!
(19 Jan - 20 Feb 2017)

A part of my day

Arts Council England on Twitter: "Tell us about your day by drawing a comic strip! What happened in yours?"
It's no wonder nobody wants me. They asked me about my day and I drew a night scene...

Black 2015

Black year for Freedom of Speech! Charlie Hebdo attacks 2015, Paris.
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This website is not for very serious people! Please don't be offended by its content if you are part of the left side flock (see above). Evolution occurs through the free expression of ideas not by their oppression.
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